Oval Engagement Ring for Women by Ginger Lyne 2 Ct Simulated Diamond Sterling Silver Wedding Rings

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Embark on a journey of love with our New 8A Cubic Zirconia Technology 2.5 Ctw Oval Cut Engagement Ring for Women from the renowned Ginger Lyne Collection. Clear, colorless, and flawless that mimics a D color VVS1 diamond, this is the new highest-grade cubic zirconia available. Celebrate your commitment with this genuine 925 Sterling Silver marvel, crafted for those who desire the promise of forever. A large 2 Ct oval adorned with 2 - .25 ct trillion cut Cubic Zirconia, this ring outshines standard engagement rings for women, capturing the essence of true romance. The Oval Shape offers a classic White Gold rhodium plating. It's the ultimate symbol, eclipsing even the most sought-after women's engagement rings, making it an ideal gift for any special lady in your life. Meticulously designed, each engagement ring boasts a vintage-inspired design that stands out amidst the sea of women's wedding rings. A choice beyond the typical fake engagement ring, it offers the appeal of a true heirloom. It's not just a wedding ring; it's a testament to the Ginger Lyne Collection's dedication to design excellence. Whether you're seeking engagement rings for women white gold or a solitaire engagement ring that's affordable yet chic, our new oval shape engagement ring is an excellent choice. Our new 8A cubic Zirconia Rings are a promise ring for her that resonates with the sound of commitment, transcending the ordinary faux diamond rings. It's a hallmark of love, blending the sophistication of engagement rings for women diamond and white gold with the affordability of sterling silver with cubic zirconia. The 8 A cubic zirconia stands as the new flagship designs in our collection, echoing our US trademarked brand's promise of unmatched quality. Choose the Oval Cut Engagement Ring for an engagement, a milestone celebration, or just because. This isn't just another piece among women's promise rings; it's a declaration of love, designed to sparkle and shine with love.

  • Unique & Believable Oval costume diamond Sterling Silver cz engagement ring featuring a 8A grade 2.5 ct Oval Cut solitaire cubic zirconia with 2 side stones, .25 ct each , perfect for Vacation wedding rings for women or Decoy Travel Engagement Rings for women
  • New Highest Grade 8A Technology - Women's engagement ring replica with a modern art deco teardrop, a unique 2.5 carat cz engagement ring or proposal promise ring for girlfriend. This 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring for Women has our new 8A CZ.
  • Leave your real diamonds at home, this believable temporary travel ring dupe, faux engagement rings for women for a luxurious look without the high price tag or look of a fake engagement ring, 2.5 ct Pear Shape Engagement rings for women.
  • 8 A CZ sterling silver 14 kt white gold engagement ring is more than a fake diamond ring; it's an ideal promise ring for her, or female faux wedding ring, cascades of sparkles that dazzle with 14 k white gold plated sterling silver engagement rings for women.
  • Center Stone 9x7mm Clear 2 ct Oval Shape Simulated Diamond Cubic Zirconia, transcending typical fake engagement rings with its allure and superior quality an excellent choice for those seeking gold solitaire engagement rings on a budget.