Tinker Chihuahua Puppy Dog Pendant Chain Necklace Girls Ginger Lyne Collection

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Introducing the delightful Tinker Chihuahua Puppy Dog Necklace from the esteemed Ginger Lyne Collection. Designed with an adorable Tinker Chihuahua pendant, this piece captures the innocence and playfulness of the beloved pet breed. Carefully crafted in brass with a coice of gold or white gold plating, the pendant boasts intricate detailing that makes it come to life. Gold-plated to perfection, it exudes a luminous charm that complements various outfits, from casual to dressy. The necklace is accompanied by a 20" rolo chain, which sits comfortably around the neck, providing an elegant drop for the pendant. Sized at 25mmx18mm, the pendant is not just a jewelry piece; it's a conversation starter. A magnificent gift for various occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or graduation, it is a thoughtful way to say "I love you" or celebrate milestones. Being a part of the Ginger Lyne Collection, a US-owned corporation with a registered trademark, you are assured of its outstanding quality and authenticity.

  • Adorable Design: Intricately designed Chihuahua Puppy Dog pendant, bringing the playful charm of Tinker to life.
  • Exquisite Material: Crafted in brass and adorned with a white gold or gold plating, ensuring luster and durability.
  • Complete Set: Comes with a 20" rolo chain, providing a seamless look suitable for any attire.
  • Perfect Gift: An impeccable choice for various occasions, it speaks volumes of love, celebration, and appreciation.
  • Ginger Lyne Assurance: As part of a proud US-owned corporation with a registered trademark, you're guaranteed excellence in design and quality.