Gothic Black Dragon Eye Ring Bat Wing Women Girl Ginger Lyne Collection

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Immerse yourself in a world where fantasy and reality collide with the Dragoneye Black Rhodium over Sterling Silver Dragon Wings or Bat Wing Fantasy Elvish Ring from the esteemed Ginger Lyne Collection. This breathtaking piece is a sublime amalgamation of intricate artistry and otherworldly elements, curated for aficionados of fantasy, dragons, and epic sagas like Lord of the Rings. At the heart of the ring lies an enigmatic Acro center stone, measuring an impressive 17mmx12mm. The stone is available in a mesmerizing palette of Black, Purple, or Red and is suffused with luminous flakes of Gold and Silver foil for a spellbinding effect. As you turn the ring, the stone unveils its distinct dome-like clarity, embodying an ethereal quality. The base of this illustrious ring is crafted from sterling silver, ensuring long-lasting wear, and is swathed in an opulent layer of black rhodium plating. With its unmatchable quality and unique design intricacies, this piece isn't just jewelry; it's an invitation to traverse realms of wonder and mysticism.

  • An Ode to Fantasy Lovers: This Dragoneye Fantasy Elvish Ring is intricately designed to resonate with lovers of fantasy genres, dragons, and iconic sagas like Lord of the Rings, making it a masterpiece in thematic jewelry.
  • Spellbinding Acro Stone: The large oval-shaped center stone is unlike any other, created in a choice of Black, Red, or Purple, and adorned with shimmering gold and silver foil flakes for an added layer of intrigue.
  • Premium Material for Longevity: Crafted from high-quality sterling silver, this ring is built to last, perfect for those looking for an enduring piece with exceptional flair.
  • Luxurious Black Rhodium Plating: The black rhodium overlay adds a layer of sophistication and a hint of mysterious allure to the sterling silver base.
  • Exclusively from Ginger Lyne: Each stone and design element is specially curated for the Ginger Lyne Collection, promising you a one-of-a-kind piece of art that stands out in both beauty and quality.